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Odd Ominous Occurances Following Jan. 18 NWA Profiling Attack

and for Main Web Page: http://justiceforjamesfamily.blogspot.com/ Odd Activity Log:
Anomalous activities and ominous occurances documented since the Jan. 18/06
NWA profiling attack.

A plethora of irregularities in protocol and threatening activities/occurances have presented extending both during after and before the onset of the profiling attack incident came about.

Profiled on board a NWA flight, targeted then attacked, then framed and maligned by the courts, a steady stream of disturbingly unusual and ominous occurrences have barraged our family for the last 8 months now. We have been suitably traumatized.

Briefly reviewing irregularities prior to the incident the following points are noted:
* Luggage was detained and locks cut on our way down to Rochester from Canada
one week prior to the fated return flight.
*Northwest claimed they had simply misplaced the luggage when it failed to empty onto the baggage- handling belt. Yet it was delivered to our hotel 5 hours later, with a note affixed to it reading, “baggage searched and locks cut”.

Turning attention now to the odd occurrences following the profiling attack and the nuances therein I relate the following: There has been a plethora of odd and disturbing activity concerning illegal government activity surrounding our case occurring subsequent to the attack as well that have persisted incessantly over the last 8 months now, instilling the elements of fear, intimidation and terror into our family.

More poignant still is it to note that these ominous occurrences carry with them heavy weight given the illegal threats (I’ll have the U.S. Marshals hunt you down- and don’t think its not just like Hollywood…”) of the presiding judge (David S. Doty), at the trial and his criminal history and notoriety as an x US Marine, which has gone unchallenged due to his position which gives him immunity from the law.

A brief history of ominous odd occurrences surrounding our case is illustrated in the following as a preamble to the most recent anomalous activities noted since Sept 14/06, They are presented in the following:

Calling Card cut off in the holding cell after illegally detained in conjunction with FBI interrogation.

Ominous statements from Northwest airlines stewardess following indoctrination with “homeland security” training. At trial her comments are as follows: “We are trained to kill before we are killed”

***Jury Pool Tampering: * FBI, NSA, *CIA, NWA employees, prosecuting attorneys, military, security, all having prominent representation on a supposedly ‘randomly selected jury pool’. Too many indications of just the opposite indicate otherwise.

Held 9 days no Miranda rights ever having been read.

Threats in the elevator shafts repeatedly.

Illegal Surveillance of FBI outside my home 2 days subsequent to the bail hearing.

(P.O.S.T.) Peace Officer Standards and Training ‘Advocacy’ Centre A COVER FOR HIDING POLICE VIOLATIONS: took our complaint with the nuances of how we have unraveled the police’s lies and deceptions and forwarded the complaint (without getting back to us at any time) to the prosecution and offending police/ FBI, such that they could lie more effectively at trial. Nevertheless police were caught lying at trial on many occasions.

***Legal registered mail sabotaged and arriving ripped into shreds in a sealed plastic envelope with the contents missing altogether (a “we apologize for this incident’ insignia adorned on the plastic outside cover.
***UPDATE!!: Oct. 26/06: MY MAIL HAS JUST BEEN SABOTAGED AGAIN: This time it was my Rogers long distance bill they intercepted- I received it already opened riped open at the middle: Naturally in conjunction with taping my line, and illegally surveillancing/tracking me, they have also obtained this record of every long distance call I have made since Aug 23rd of this year to track who I have spoken to.

Voice Mail Messages deleted off of the on line answering services of friends and colleagues of mine once having begun to discuss the matter with me – on my tapped line.

My phone line tapped: people always comment on the clicking they here when on my line and the clicking they then here on their lines when making calls of their own afterwards…

Mutual rerouting of answering machine services between friends and associates meant to break up circle of communication and advocacy. (A military strategy used by FBI and CIA/NSA)…Despite Alyn Brite and I making many attempt to get a hold of each other to continue discussion on my plight, my calls to his home are rerouted onto another line and a fictitious answering machine! When I call and leave messages on his on line MTS answering service, they are deleted and he never receives them. I get occasional messages on my answering machine from Alyn having called me from a remote line asking me what is going on and why I don’t return his messages…am I ok- what’s going on?! Etc… Very ominous to say the least.

Constant intimidation calls to my home with no one on the other end of the line and the number call blocked.

Friend of mine, Alyn Brite receives intimidation call left on his answering machine warning him to stay away baring consequence. All of his voice messages were subsequently removed from his invisible answering machine thereafter and he did not receive any messages for weeks to come…

Regular interval call blocked recordings on my answering machine spaced approximately every two hours apart, when I am not at home.

Border Threat from Chris Nissan “You’re going to have big problems when you come back to the border for trial…”

Computer System infiltration: friends and family and associates now complain of regular pop-ups indicating attempted entry into their system via human spy-ware. Two associates of mine have had their hard drives wiped clean of information altogether, passwords changed, accounts made defunct and email addresses shut down. I have encountered similar problems of my own over the months.

Now moving closer to the present time:

Sept.14, 10:15 A.M. : Speaking on my tapped line with Rabeca from the Innocence Project. She commented on the static that she always hears on my line whenever we have correspondence over the phone. She stated, “I always notice static and an echo on the line when speaking with you”

Sept.17 00:36 hours in morning: Another blocked call in the middle of the night, no one on the other end of the line. Very ominous and disturbing by this point and at this time of the night. Definitely meant to intimidate.

The Effect of the Stress and intimidation/ terror tactics Began To take holds on my health:

Sept. 17/06 5:30 AM I was rushed to the hospital with heart palpitations occurring in the middle of the night. I was treated with Nitro to calm my heart and stay my condition.
It had become clear that this stress/ terror and intimidation was now threatening my life on yet another level.

Sept. 31/06 My father calls me to say he is now also getting pop ups on his computer indicating attempts to access his computer (spy ware) from foreign host.

…The next morning Oct. 1, 3 AM: Another onset of anxiety driven heart palpitations.
Rushed to hospital again, treated by a Dr. Humphrey and a Dr. Blom. EKG and blood test were administered and I was placed on a heart-monitoring machine in the heart-monitoring ward of the hospital.

(In fact I have been in hospital 5 times over the last 4 weeks due to similar symptoms due to stress and anxiety onset from the barrage of threats and illegal intimidation tactics from Judge Doty, FBI, CIA, NSA and the ‘Courts’.)

Sept. 4/06: Another onset of my mail sabotaged! Rogers’s Billing Mail Sabotage and interception in devious attempt to have my long distance communication with advocacy cut off: Family and I have noticed that I have not been receiving my mail from Rogers – my long distance service provider- for some time now. The same factions who destroyed my legal mail, are now targeting my phone service in attempt to have my long distance service cut off due to apparent non-payment of bills. There seems to be no end to their subterfuge or connivery nor to the low depths to which they will stoop in propagating their unscrupulous guised agenda against our family.

A Webbed Network of Surveillance Affects Not Only Self but Family and Associates
Note that not only have they implemented illegal surveillance measures against my family and I via legal mail interception, phone line and answering service tampering, computer spy are and illegal surveillance, but they have extended this protocol to encompass a webbed network of those in association with me and those in association with them!! Recall those who have been in communication with me and have complained of the clicking and echo on my line, now experience much of the same difficulties, some extending into the realm of computer spy ware difficulties as I has exemplified earlier on. As I am not only surveillanced by phone but also through direct monitoring and tracking (relating back to the FBI agent outside my home) this web of surveillance has extended beyond phone interaction into the realm of those of whom I have contact throughout the day.

More Phone Tampering of Associates:
With the above webbed network of illegal surveillance and monitoring in mind, note the following:
On Sept 3/06 I witnessed an employee at a computer outlet from which I do much of my work, receive 2 calls on his cell phone wherein there was no one to respond on the other line. He said “hello” repeatedly, but again, no one answered.
This happened twice and then he took it into his own initiative to call his home and check on his answering service once I told him about what might be occurring due to his association with me. He called his invisible online answering service for his home and the on line Roger’s answering system and remarkably, the answering service answered for his home under a different voice and name than his own!!! His calls were being diverted without his knowledge just as I had suspected!!!
Moreover, he then called the number back that had called him but had given no answer to his greeting. The phone picked up and there was clearly someone on the line- but this person did not say even so much as hello! There is strong indication of foul play herein.


* I have been receiving a number of call blocked long distance calls. There is no data, and no trace of the call 5 seconds after the screen 'no data' comes up. The phone rings only once. This is enough to verify the number is still in use if that is one's goal...more recently I picked up the phone on one of these calls. There was a silent listener who said nothing. I finally said "Hello?" The caller then disconnected.

Several individuals report not receiving my messages on their answering machines or my emails. Recall they have both gone through my mail to view my long distance bills and legal mail, as well as tapping my phone line sending viruses and erasing phone messages.

I have been repeatedly threatened with jail time or worse on my Youtube.com messages response bulletins. Both self identifying FBI agents and Northwest Airlines employees have at times, posted comments on my video response section.

*A false apology from 'Northwest Airlines' on my answering machine of late, turned out to be a hoax from a travel agency.
The caller forgot to block the number but left a false number by which I was to contact him that I discovered via internet search, was a 1 800 postal number. Search for his actual number on line revealed it came from a travel agency. Did Northwest Airlines contribute to this hoax? I cannot be sure.

* Jan 16-17th/ 07 Canadian Dimension Reporter Lesley Hughes calls me and leaves me two messages on my line...I received neither message yet she tells me she also left a message on the answering machine. The digital answering machine was in good working order. I had sent her several emails during this time as we were supposed to set up a time for interview-she states she has received none of these emails.

*JULY -AUG:/07 Recently my garbage outside my residence is being repeatedly ransacked and rummaged through- this follows recent evidentiary materials I have placed on line EXPOSING FBI, CIA, RCMP, CSIS ETC. involvment in my case and others

* SEPTEMBER 11/07 MY PHONE LINE WAS SABOTAGED TO OUR BUILDING ON THIS DATE! I contacted MTS to complain on this matter (204 225 5687) Sept 12/07 and spoke to Jeff and Laura (last names unknown). I spoke to Laura upon my initial call and Jeff on the second. The following information was given to me: SOMEONE HAS CUT THE CABLE TO MY BUILDING ON RIVER...A CALL TO REPORT IT CAME IN YESTERDAY YET THEY HAVE YET TO FIX THE PROBLEM (recall MTS is involved in the tapping of my phone line...) THEY CLAIM THEY THINK IT MAY HAVE BEEN A PRIVATE CONTRACTOR WHO CUT THE CABLE BUT WILL NOT RELEASE ANY NAMES...

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